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About Jrlon, Inc.

For many years, Jrlon, Inc. has been recognized as a dependable source and leading supplier of plastic and specialty metal products. We are one of the premier PTFE processors in the United States. Jrlon's expertise also covers a wide range of other performance plastic materials and alloy steels for custom molding, machining, gear manufacturing, and technical industrial coatings. Driven by innovative designers and engineers, Jrlon manufactures unique products vital to a wide variety of industries.

During our years in business, there have been many changes in what we do and the way in which we do it. But one thing hasn't changed. That is our company's commitment to our "Quality Assurance Philosophy." The goal of our Quality Assurance Philosophy is to achieve superior external and internal customer satisfaction at all levels. Each employee's commitment to this goal, coupled with sound management judgment, is essential to our success. Sustained quality excellence in everything we do; in our products, in their performance and value, in our services, in our human relations, and in our competitiveness.

Fundamental to the success of Jrlon, Inc. are these basic values:


Honesty and fairness are required when dealing with each other, with suppliers and with customers. We all have something to gain. A trusting relationship provides free communication, resulting in advances that many of our competitors do not enjoy.


Our people are the roots of our strength. They provide our corporate intelligence and determine our success. Involvement and teamwork are core human values.

Products / Services

Our products and services are a direct result of our efforts, and they must be the best in our customers' eyes. Our service must be sincere and precise. We are known by the quality of our products and services.

These basic values serve as a guide for our employees, our team, to work with every moment of the day.

Over the years, the Jrlon name has become synonymous with innovative engineered technology. As the company heads toward its forth decade of operation, the future outlook for Jrlon is very exciting and very bright.


Jrlon is committed to the manufacture of quality products with a goal of zero defects. Our Quality Assurance Philosophy is understood and followed by all company employees. We believe that controlled quality is the mutual responsibility of sales, purchasing, engineering, and production. Everyone responsible for the manufacture of our products is also responsible for quality assurance. The goal of zero defects for all products will not be compromised for any reason. The mission of our company is to provide the best value possible in those areas in which we choose to compete. How we accomplish this mission is of critical importance.

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