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Compression Molding, Machining & Assembly of Labyrinth Seal for the Chemical Processing Industry

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Labyrinth Seals

Functioning as mechanical seals and bearing isolators, these labyrinth seals manufactured by Jrlon, have a unique, patented locking design guaranteed to keep lubricants inside the bearing while simultaneously preventing ingress of dirt and other contaminants. Targeted for use in the chemical processing industry, these labyrinth seals are compression molded from a filled PTFE, machined to specification, and assembled in an interlocking fashion to create a network of chambers that will entrap any leaking oil and prevent it from escaping. In addition to exhibiting outstanding chemical resistance, the seals are fully functional in temperatures from -100°F to + 400°F and provide a long service life.

Available in a choice of colors depending on material selection, Jrlon can manufacture these seals in quantities from prototype to high volume production, and package them according to your needs.

To learn more about our labyrinth seals and how they can benefit your application, contact Jrlon today.

Labyrinth Seals

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Compression Molding, Machining & Assembly Project Highlights

Product Name Labyrinth Seal
Product Description Labyrinth Seals keep grease in the bearings and dirt out.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Compression Molding
  • Machining
  • Assembly
Tightest Tolerance ±.001"
Material Type Filled PTFE
Material Thickness Varies depending on size
Product Length Varies
Product Width Varies
Temperature Range -100°F to + 400°F (-73°C to +200°C)
  • Heat
  • Chemical
Special Features Jrlon Patent Locking Design
Industry for Use Chemical Processing
Volume Prototype to high volume
Delivery Time Standard is 4 weeks
Drawing Type Accepted .PDF, .DWG, .TIF

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