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Fluoropolymers, Teflon™ Coatings & Metal Bonding

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Coatings & Metal Bonding
Coatings & Metal Bonding

Jrlon, Inc.'s coating division was established to fill a void in the market for specialty coatings requiring a high degree of technical expertise, engineering and application skills. Jrlon specializes in the application of fluoropolymer coatings such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, PPS, PVDF, ETFE and ECTFE in both liquid and powder forms. Non-fluoropolymer materials such as silicone, viton, urethane, epoxy, and enamel are also used regularly.

These materials are applied utilizing a wide variety of application techniques including conventional spray, electrostatic spray, fluidized bed and well as dip and spin. The coatings used at Jrlon have been developed and engineered to solve problems associated with chemical resistance, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, lubricity, electrical conductivity, thermo insulation, and the lack of release.

Jrlon's coating division uses the latest process equipment including climate control, computer controlled automatic coaters, computer controlled ovens, and statistical process control software. All products undergo a rigorous inspection process using modern measurement and test equipment before being packaged and shipped.

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