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Overmolding and Machining of a PTFE Gearshaft for the Pump Industry

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Bonded Gearshafts
Bonded Gearshafts

One of the products we specialize in manufacturing at Jrlon is a bonded gearshaft for use in pump applications. Depending on quantity needed, a filled PTFE gear blank is either compression molded or injection molded over a ceramic or steel shaft. Once the PTFE blank is properly cured to ensure long wear life, gear hobbing equipment is used to cut the teeth to the desired dimensions, and the entire piece is finish machined to within ±.001” tolerances. Each piece is bubble wrapped and boxed for shipment to your location. Useful for applications that require heat and chemical resistance, these PTFE gearshafts are available in quantities from prototype to high volume production.

To learn more about our gearshafts or how our ability to manufacture precision plastic and metal industrial gears can benefit your application, contact Jrlon today.

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Overmolding and Machining Project Highlights

Product Name Bonded Gearshaft
Product Description Plastic Gear Molded over a ceramic or metal shaft that is finished machined.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Injection Molding or Compression Molding
  • Curing
  • Gear Hobbing
  • Finish Machining
Tightest Tolerance ±.001"
Material Type Filled PTFE Molded over ceramic or steel shafts
Material Thickness Varies
Product Length Varies
Product Width Varies
Temperature Range -100°F to + 400°F (-73°C to +200°C)
  • Heat
  • Chemical
Packaging Bubble wrapped and boxed
Industry for Use Pump
Volume Prototype to high volume
Delivery Time Standard is 4-5 weeks
Drawing Type Accepted .PDF, .DWG, .TIF

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