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Precision Plastic & Metal Industrial Gear Manufacturing

Jrlon, Inc. manufactures precision plastic and metal industrial gears to your exact specifications. Our shop is equipped with hobbers and shapers designed to cut gears accurately, while our spur and helical gear cutting equipment has a capacity of up to 36" pitch diameter and 2 diametrical pitch. We can also manufacture fine pitch gears with pitch diameters from .250" and a diametrical pitch range of up to 120.

Pitch Diameters .25" to 36"
Tooth to Tooth Tolerances 0.0005"
Overall Composite Error 0.001"
Materials Plastic, PTFE, or Metal

The gear cutting equipment in our shop includes late model Gould & Eberhardt, Barber-Colman Hobbers and Fellows Shapers. We routinely hold a tooth-to-tooth composite error of 0.0005" with a total composite error of not over 0.001". This equipment, together with advanced hob grinders and checking equipment, is your assurance that your most critical quality spur and helical gear requirements will be fully met with Jrlon.

From engineering to inspection, Jrlon manufacturers the finest gears available to industry.

We manufacture gears in a wide range of materials including:

  • PTFE (Teflon®)
  • PEEK
  • Brass
  • Austenitic stainless steel
  • Hastelloy
  • Carpenter 20

Jrlon specializes in the manufacture of Pump Gears and provides leading Gear Pump companies with tight-tolerance gears in a range of materials.

During our years in business, there have been many changes in what we do and the way in which we do it. But one thing hasn't changed. That is our company's commitment to our "Quality Assurance Philosophy." The goal of our Quality Assurance Philosophy is to achieve superior external and internal customer satisfaction at all levels. Each employee's commitment to this goal, coupled with sound management judgment, is essential to our success. Sustained quality excellence in everything we do; in our products, in their performance and value, in our services, in our human relations, and in our competitiveness.

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Hobbing of Gear Teeth View #1
Hobbing of Gear Teeth View #1
  Hobbing of Gear Teeth View #2
Hobbing of Gear Teeth View #2
  Hobbing of Gear Teeth View #3
Hobbing of Gear Teeth View #3
Hobbing of Gear Teeth View #4
Hobbing of Gear Teeth View #4

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