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Roll Remanufacturing Services

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Fuser Rolls
Fuser Rolls

Jrlon, Inc.'s coating division has the knowledge and experience to completely remanufacture dry film copier fusing system rollers. We have the ability and test equipment to evaluate core quality, assuring that they meet new roller standards.

Fuser rolls (U.F.R.'s) are then stripped and necessary repairs made before we coat them with a fluoropolymer material that has been engineered to meet or exceed O.E.M. standards for function and life expectancy.

Pressure rolls (L.F.R.'s) are precision ground and sealed with a specially formulated silicone. This material provides performance qualities that far exceed O.E.M. rolls, especially in the areas of release properties and wear characteristics.

We are small enough to customize our roll remanufacturing services to your individual needs and experienced enough to apply the best available coating to your cores using the highest standards attainable.

Cores may be bulk packaged in a carton that will prevent damage, and shipped to Jrlon. We will sort and identify the cores, then fax you a receiving report indicating the number of cores that can be remanufactured. You may use these part numbers and quantities to issue your purchase order.

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